Frequently Asked Questions

I want to try pole dancing for the first time. Where do I start?

 If you have no previous experience, you should start with a beginner pole class. In this level, you will safely and progressively learn the foundations of pole fitness. Please check our current schedule here. Pole Place offers multiple beginner classes a week. These classes teach the same curriculum and it doesn’t matter what day you choose to attend a class. 

Do I have to reserve a spot to attend a class?

All participants must sign-up for all classes using our online registration platform - StudioBookings. Spots in a class will not be held with reservations over the phone, text, email, social media, or any other method. Our beginner pole classes are very popular and fill up very quickly, and we recommend to reserve your spot in advance. Class registration closes 2 hours before class.

How do I cancel a class?

 Please login to your StudioBookings account, choose the class you wish to cancel and click the withdraw button. You must cancel your class at least 6 hours in advance; after this deadline, the credit is considered used and the participant cannot reschedule this class credit. 

I've never taken a pole class, should I be nervous?

Everyone may feel a little nervous at first–and this is normal. Our instructors are friendly and professional, and you will do only what feels comfortable for you in a non-competitive and safe environment.   

What are your prices?

Pole Place offers multiple packages and membership options. Click here to learn more about our current pricing. 

What if I've taken classes at another studio?

Every studio has different ways of teaching and dividing their levels. Pole Place might arrange an assessment to place you at the right level. Please email us at for more details.  

What should I wear to a pole class?

Beginner level students and above will need shorts, sleeveless tops and/or sports bras. This is due to the necessity of skin contact with the pole. You can wear pants and long sleeve shirts on top of shorts and a sports bra during the warm-up, but not while learning/performing pole moves. Shoes are not required (except for Exotic Pole class). 

Are the pole classes progressive?

Yes, they are VERY progressive! Our instructors will offer modifications where needed, but in general, you don’t want to miss too many classes. We don’t allow students to jump to higher levels without proper approval. 

Every level has a progressive 16-week curriculum. During the last week, we review learned tricks and instructors advice who can safely move up to the next level. It is very common that participants repeat whole levels over again until they feel confident and ready to move to the next level. The intent of this is not to bring anyone down, but to ensure your body and brain are ready for the more challenging pole tricks and routines. This is for your own safety and well being. 

What if I am under 18?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to participate in any Pole Place classes. All participants must be over 18 years of age before signing up. We may ask for a photo ID with a date of birth to confirm your information. 

Is there anything I should avoid doing before class?

Please refrain from applying oil or oil-based body lotions within a few hours of a pole lesson as this will prevent your skin from properly adhering to the pole. 

Remove all jewelry (except for small earnings) before class. 

I'm not in the best shape. Can I still attend a class?

For anyone at any fitness level, we always recommend you consult your physician before starting a new fitness program. Any fitness level and body type are welcome. You don’t have to be strong or fit to start. Following our progressive curriculum, you will gain the necessary strength and fitness level to move up to the next difficulty levels.

What can I do to succeed in pole dancing?

This is a million-dollar question! Pole dancing is a bodyweight resistance exercise. It is a complete body workout combining strength training, endurance, and stretching. Here are a few things that are crucial for any pole dancer :

  • Off pole conditioning at home (our instructors will teach you how);
  • Stretching at home or coming to a class;
  • No negative self-talk;
  • And the most important: FOCUS ON YOUR OWN PROGRESS. There will be other students in class with different sports backgrounds and abilities. It is important not to compare yourself and your progress with anyone else.