Studio Policies

General Policies

All students must be a minimum of 18 years of age to participate in any class activities and have a valid and signed waiver before joining any class.

All class memberships, passes, drop-ins, workshops and other fees must be paid upfront unless otherwise stated.

It is strongly encouraged to refrain from using lotions and oils the day of your pole class. During your first class, we allow the use of the studio’s grip aids to all participants, however buying your own is appreciated if you plan to attend more classes.

Class Registration


You must register for all classes in advance using our scheduling platform. Your spot in class will not be held without full payment. Once a package/membership is added to your account, you are responsible for signing up for/cancelling your own classes. No need to email the studio, just visit our scheduling platform.

Class registration closes two hours prior to a class.

You must cancel your class at least 6 hours in advance; after this deadline, the credit is considered used and the participant cannot reschedule this class credit. 

Cancellation policy for each workshop/event is different. Please see the description of a specific workshop/event for more details.

ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL. No refunds or extensions will be given for any pre-paid memberships, drop-ins, packages or passes.  This is the industry standard. Transfers in case of serious injury or illness may be granted at management’s discretion with adequate notice.

Memberships & Classes

If you purchase 5 or 10 class pass, you can attend ANY class on the schedule; if you are enrolled in our membership program, you can attend 8 classes per month: 4 pole and 4 non-pole classes. No exceptions.

Pole classes: Beginner Pole, Intermediate Pole, Advanced Pole,  Premier.

Non-Pole classes: Stretching, Pole Conditioning, Exotic Flow, Open Pole.

We have 6 levels of pole classes:

Beginner - 16 weeks;

Intermediate 1 - 16 weeks;

Intermediate 2 - 16 weeks;

Advanced 1 - 16 weeks;

Advanced 2 - 16 weeks;

Pole Premier.

We have a checklist of mandatory moves that we use to place students in a level that fits their current pole abilities and strength. This is not meant to bring any student down or to be exclusionary, but rather is to prevent injuries and build up your skills. You might need to take the same pole level more than once, depending on your own progress.

You can join our classes at any time, although we highly recommend starting every level from week one, especially if you are an intermediate and above student.

Our Aerial Hoop classes are offered in 7-8 week sessions and are sold  separately.  You can't use your pole membership/pass toward Aerial Hoop classes and vise versa. 


Jewelry is not allowed to be worn during pole classes (especial rings, bracelets, and necklaces). This is for your own safety reasons and to preserve the condition of equipment.

Beginner level students and above will need shorts, sleeveless tops and/or sports bras. This is due to the necessity of skin contact with the pole. You can wear pants and long sleeve shirts on top of shorts and a sports bra during the warm-up, but not while learning/performing pole moves.

Aerial hoop students are required to wear  long pants and long sleeve shirts.

We recommend wearing long sleeve tops and pants to the Stretching class to keep your muscles warm.

For Exotic Flow we suggest to wear pole dance specific shoes (e.g. Pleasers) and knee pads.

Code of Conduct, Behavior during Class and Safety Rules:

Pole Place is an INCLUSIVE ESTABLISHMENT for everyone. Once you enter our doors all bias against gender, race and culture are thankfully left outside. We welcome members of all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, physical appearance or abilities.

Pole Place follows a progressive curriculum that will help students to succeed in every aspect of the pole. We run a weekly curriculum, which means if you come to the same class more than once a week, you will be working on the same moves.

All classes are group classes, and students are required to follow the instructions. Modifications will be offered if needed, but it is expected that all students in class work on the same moves and routines.

Please do not attempt moves that you have not been instructed on and only saw on social media. Also, do not teach or spot other students unless an instructor asked you to do so.

Please clean your poles before and after class. This helps to limit the risk of injury and maintain the condition of equipment.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the class starts. If you arrive after class has started, please do so quietly and with as little disruption to other students as possible. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may not be allowed to join a class. Warm up is a critical part of our curriculum and used to prevent injury.


Cancellation and Inclement Weather Policy:

Pole Place reserves the right to cancel any class, workshop, or event at any time due to inclement weather, instructor illness, low registration, or any other reason. In any case, you will receive a credit to your account. You will also be notified via email at least four hours in advance in case of any class cancellation.

These policies are subject to change without notice.